Transcend's SLC mode solution features excellent endurance and reliability at cost-effective prices. The industrial-grade microSDHC/SDXC230I cards offer wide temperature tolerance (-40°C to 85°C) for industrial use. These cards are the ideal solution for small form factor and write-intensive applications such as medical devices, surveillance systems and POS terminals. Transcend's memory cards are manufactured with high-quality flash chips and undergo extensive reliability testing at all stages of production.


SLC mode


Wide Temperature


Alteration in Reading Data


Rubbish Collection


Wear levelling


Faulty Block Management


Early Move

Firmware features

  • ECC (Error Correction Code) function Integrated
  • Enhanced S.M.A.R.T. function for durability
  • Wear levelling

Hardware features

  • Complies with RoHS 2.0 standards
  • Electrostatic Protection (ESD IEC 61000-4-2)
  • Compliant with SD 5.1 specification
  • Complies with Speed Class 10
  • Compliant with Video Speed Class 30 (V30)
  • High-quality 3D NAND Flash and SLC mode for exceptional durability and reliability
  • Promised operational reliability over a wide temperature range (from -40 ℃ to 85 ℃)
  • Supports Transcend's Scope Pro software

*Transcend's microSDHC/SDXC230I in capacities of 2~4GB complies with SD 3.01 specifications and 8~64GB capacities comply with SD 5.1 specifications.
*Scope Pro is only available when used with the card reader. RDF5 .


Dimensions 11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm (0.43″ x 0.59″ x 0.04″)
Form Factor
  • microSD card


Flash Type
  • 3D NAND flash (SLC mode)
  • 2 GB/
  • 4 GB/
  • 8 GB/
  • 16 GB/
  • 32 GB/
  • 64 GB

Operating Environment

Operating Voltage
  • 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Drop test
  • Free fall of 1.5m
Operating Temperature
  • Wide temperature

    -40°C (-40°F) ~ 85°C (185°F)

Storage Temperature -40°C (-40°F) ~ 85°C (185°F)
Humidity 0% ~ 95%
  • Acceleration: 490 m/s² (standard holding time: 11 ms, semi-sinusoidal wave, velocity change: 3.44 m/s)
Vibration (Operating) 20 G (Peak-to-Peak), 20 Hz ~ 2,000 Hz (frequency)


Consumption (Max.) 2.88 watt(s)


Reading Speed (Max.) Up to 100 MB/s
Write Speed (Max.) Up to 70 MB/s
Terabytes Written (TBW) Up to 5,800 TBW
  • Speed may vary due to host, hardware, software, usage and storage capacity.
  • Terabytes Written (TBW) indicates the resistance under the highest capacity.
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