We celebrate the 40 anniversary of Tempel Group


Last Friday 25 May our company, Tempel Group, celebrated its 40 anniversary. To celebrate it, an internal convention was held that culminated in a gala dinner at the Restaurant Xalet de Montjuic. The city of Barcelona has been the leitmotiv for this occasion, since it is where we start our business and is the place where our headquarters remains.

We are an international company with presence in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and we have a network of 16 own offices. Our main business areas are: Energy, where we develop energy efficiency solutions. EngineeringSpecialized in automation and industrial communication projects and Consumption, we commercialize technological products in traditional retail, in large areas and in E-Commerce.

In the same way, our core business is based on meeting the needs of the market, with its own developments and tailor-made solutions, so we are at the forefront of new technologies. We also offer our customers quality products and services: Generating value is our strategy and human capital the basis of our growth.

We have worked for 4 decades with enthusiasm and dedication, but our success would not have been possible without the commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of Tempel Group's CEO, Mr. Pedro Peña. The ambition to discover business opportunities and the deep commitment to future generations has been and is our inspiration.

We face the future from innovation and constant transformation, anticipating to trends and exploring new markets. We believe that offering efficient products and services of excellent quality is essential, because tomorrow's innovation begins now. We take this opportunity to thank all our customers, partners and especially our employees. We hope to continue working with all of them in the near future.

Wholeheartedly, thank you for your effort and commitment!

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