We celebrate the convention LATAM Tempel Group 2017


Last July the Latam 2017 convention took place in our Bogotá office, where the directors of all Latin American delegations gathered to analyze in depth the company's strategic lines. In addition to the main program, these days also offered some parallel activities to create a make our managers feel part of the Tempel Group family.

In addition, we took this meeting to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the opening of our headquarters in Colombia. What started as a business challenge has resulted in a firm fully consolidated in the Colombian market.

During the four days we spent together, everyone had an unforgettable moment and together we had the change to learn and share knowledge of colleagues and experts in the field.

Last but not least, the VMI war cry was often heard during the Convention, symbolizing among all unions and the motivation to win and thrive in Latino markets

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Fabrica Jhon Deere